Organization Tips

organization tips

Organization Tips

Tips on getting organized are a dime a dozen on the Internet. Just punch into Google the phrase organization tips and you’ll discover a plethora of repeated, old, free tips that are worth just as much as you paid for them.

The trouble is that tips on getting organized are usually very tactical. That is, they are good in very specific situations. What most people need however are organization principles that give a solid strategy for thinking that can be applied to many situations.

Getting Organized Tips

Here’s a simple one that is incredibly powerful but you may not believe how effective it is because of how simple it seems. Let’s give it a try. One of the most important tips on organization that I have ever shared with my clients is to ‘think on paper’.

What this means is that rather than wondering how to organize or plan things in your head, you take an actual sheet of paper and a pen, sit down, give yourself permission to focus on the area you want to organize, and write out a bunch of ideas. If you try it you’ll not need to look for normal tips but can find a wealth of long lasting…

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