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Organized Living

The best in organized living and lifestyle management at the rising Organized Living World.

For years I have obsessed over being organized.  Then in 2006 I realized it was the wrong way to go about things.  I will explain and it will be well worth your while to know this:

From Franklin Planners to David Allen’s Getting Things Done, productivity and organized living is becoming more and more important and desired because modern life is so fast paced and packed with stuff to get done.

And today I read this about a Professional Organizer and her client..

"…together they purged her office of unnecessary clutter, set up a system of file folders and discussed strategies that would allow Mohan to make decisions more quickly. Not only is Mohan’s desk spotless, but her files are so organized she can delegate more work to her assistant. The cost of Hemphill’s consultation: $5,000. "It was outrageously worth it," says Mohan.

$5,000!  And yet still ‘outrageously worth it’.  See even high level business exec’s with that kind of money to spend on getting organized are 1. incapable of knowing how to get organized without help and 2. can appreciate the value of getting that help.

Perhaps you don’t have that kind of money, or perhaps you do and would rather take measures right now to get better organized before becoming so overwhelmed that your only course of action is to pay for such drastic assistance.

And here’s what I discovered for myself in 2006.  Getting organized is impossible!  And it’s also not even important.  You can find out all about my discovery on the home page for how to get organized now through organized living.

But first, let me tell you the secret of what really does matter.  It’s not getting or being or staying organized.  As soon as you use the kitchen to make dinner, you’ve messed everything up.  Surely life is meant to be lived, and our environment is meant to be lived in, which means it has to be organized just enough to be functional and enjoyable. 

The secret then is Efficiency.  You’ll learn more on the home page of course.

And here’s what economist Mark Zandi of Moody’s said which points in the direction of efficiency as being way beyond ‘organized’:

"I just can’t physically find another spare moment to do more, so I’ve reached the point where I need to ration what I do, or do what I do better".

With his BlackBerry, laptop and mobile phone, demands on his time and productivity exceed the available time.

So organized living is really not about getting organized, it’s more about the second word in the phrase, living.

Organized Living means being efficient enough to get done what you want to get done, find enough space to enjoy yourself, and let the rest go to hell, for you needn’t sweat the small stuff, right?

Now going over to the extreme are some people taking advantage of the breakdown in normal ‘get organized’ philosophies like David Allen or Franklin Covey, and saying that chaos is the better way…

The mess-for-success advocates like Abrahamson and Freedman say that turning your life over to any "system" has a downside.

Well, what do you think about that?

It doesn’t stand to reason, it doesn’t hold water…

And even Abrahamson, the advocate of messiness, has found he can’t manage his time wisely without putting every appointment in his Outlook calendar, which he syncs to his handheld computer AND his wristwatch.

But it sure sounds cool, that being messy and living via chaos is the solution to the get organized problem of our times.

However, always always remember that the true distinction I teach is that Organized Living is about being efficient so that you can live properly.  And that includes being appropriately organized enough.  A middle ground of balance between anal retentive ‘knowing where everything is’ and flexibility of letting some things ‘go to hell’ because they don’t matter as much as the other things.

That, my friend, is the goal of Organized Living World.  And you can explore the powerful new breakthrough in getting organized vs efficiency at the home page for how to get organized now.


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